Kitchen Remodeling

"I cannot say enough good things about Gemmi Construction. John and Lizie are a delight to work with, and their crew is unsurpassed. I had heard so many horror stories about kitchen renovations, and I can honestly say that I was sorry to see the Gemmi crew leave (especially Matt)! And it took precisely two months from the start of construction to the day they finished. Profession, efficient, with an extraordinary attention to detail. Any one who decides to go with Gemmi will not be disappointed."

Amanda Buschi

 Kitchen Remodeling


"I have been fortunate to have worked with Gemmi Construction on several renovation projects at my house. None was as involved or as extensive as the two additions recently completed.

The criteria in vendor selection for me is quite simple:

COMPATABILITY: Is the contractor enthusiastic toward the project, does he take ownership as if the project were his own and do we form a good partnership with the same goals?

COMMUNICATION, COMMUNICATION, COMMUNICATION: How well does he communicate when things go wrong, how timely are the communications and are they honest?

TRUST: Does the contractor meet or exceed the quality of work commitment?

Through the entire project, Gemmi Construction exceeded my expectations. They provided suggestions beyond the architect’s vision, guidance as to how to enhance the project, positive attitude toward the project and a helping hand to stay on budget.

When you think about having contractors in your house (maybe 8-10 daily) for 5 to 8 months, the dust, the noise, the disruption of routine and then think of a compatible contractor who communicates at all levels, who you can trust – think Gemmi Construction and at the end of the project you will know you made the right choice with an awesome result. I know I did."

Jacquie F. Lewis, Solebury, PA

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling


"In 2005, we engaged Gemmi construction to put an addition on our house. One of our primary concerns was that the addition didn’t look like ‘an addition’, and it blended in with the original house. The best complement we get from our friends is ‘where’s the addition’!! We found the Gemmi team to be very flexible, and very responsive to any question or concern. They stayed on schedule, and within budget. We had to work with our township for some variances, and John worked with us side-by-side to make sure everything was done appropriately. The Gemmi team was always concerned about keeping the rest of our house neat and clean, and making sure there was minimal disruption to our family during the project.

In 2008, we decided to totally remodel our kitchen. We didn’t even think about calling anyone else but Gemmi. We worked with their designer and John, and spent a lot of time reviewing and adjusting plans to make sure we got the layout we wanted. As with the addition, everything stayed on schedule, and Gemmi did all they could to ensure minimum disruption to our family. They remained flexible as we made a few minor adjustments as the project evolved.

Our friends and neighbors have used Gemmi for their projects based on the work they have seen done at our house.

I can’t say enough good things about the quality of the work Gemmi has done for us. They are friendly, flexible and dependable. If a third project comes along, they will be the ones we call!!"

Scott Powell


Exterior Removation

Exterior Renovation

To my second family at Gemmi Construction –

My family and I would like to thank John, Lizzie, Matt Lysek and the rest of the crew at Gemmi for the wonderful job they did meeting our fairly unique needs for the reconstruction of the back of our home. Even though the project was completed last year, and you know how we feel about your entire operation, we felt it was time to put our gratitude in words. Especially because we have had the pleasure of enjoying our new windows, doors, back deck, pergola and covered porch for the first time this summer! What a difference this project has made…

Because this project involved the tear down of an existing structure and pool removal and spacial issues outside of the confines of normal wall heights, etc., it was difficult for us to visualize what the new structure would look like. John assured us we did not need the expense of an architect, and he was correct – obviously he saw it all in his mind’s eye, and was able to provide detail to us. Then the Gemmi crew came in, and Matt, Ron and the other guys on the team could not have been more professional and personable. When you spend that much time with an onsite crew, you really want to like them, and these guys were just the best. They treated me like a member of the team – they respected and addressed every concern, and also respected our privacy and property during the 5-6 months that this project took to complete.

We ended up with a project that was even more beautiful and functional then we had originally envisioned. The project completely addressed an area which we felt was compromising the value and use of our home, and met the goal of reducing maintenance costs and time involved with a southern facing exposure.

We have already contracted with Gemmi to help us with our next interior project – we wouldn’t think of using anyone else.

Thank you again for all –

The Ross Family, Buckingham


"We recently contracted with Gemmi Construction for the purpose of providing an addition to our home. From the start of the project to its conclusion, all of our expectations had been met. John personally came out to the construction site on a fairly regular basis, and we had our very own Project Manager who was available to us all day, every day. As a matter of fact, he called me at the end of each day to apprise me of the progress made for that period of time, and what to expect the following day. He also would get back to me with answers to my many questions within minutes of the inquiry. In addition, I had John Gemmi's cellular telephone number, and either texted or spoke with him live time whenever I needed him. Although we had many subcontracters working with us, all had the Gemmi work ethic - arrive on time, respect the premises, work hard and mitigate any potential upsets as quickly as possible. During the first phase of our project, we had an unexpected issue with our bathroom, which required immediate attention and major renovations. John was on top of getting to us a proposal, timeline and scheduled the appropriate staff in order to expedite the situation, even though he was in the midst of completing our initial project.

While we are still waiting for a final phase of our project to complete (awaiting doors to be delivered by Andersen - not a Gemmi glitch, rather, the vendor) we are so enjoying our new space, and actually are anticipating utilizing John's services in the near future for other ideas he had provided to us regarding other areas of our home.

If you are looking for quality beyond compare, elite service, and a feeling of respect for your time, finances and space, then we highly recommend Gemmi Construction."

Pamela and Gene Alpin

Basement Remodeling

Exterior Renovation

"With Dawn being a manager of a doctor’s office and me being a Journeyman Tool & Diemaker, we greatly appreciate the attention to detail that not only you exude but also that is employed by the craftsmanship of all your employees and additionally by the choice of your recommended sub-contractors.

As we can be often quoted by our friends & family, “Over the years, John has been consistently & admirably improving our poor selection in another builders home from 25 years ago”. Whether it is the great room, kitchen, or any of the other numerous projects in our home, Gemmi Construction has taken them from our daydreams & ponderings and morphed them into reality that has enhanced, beautified, and functionally improved both our life and our home.

Within the past few years as I moved from the manufacturing end of business into the quality and customer service end of it, I came to realize that one of the companies that I had been dealing with in my personal life for years had all the traits for a “Quality Supplier” that we look for so diligently in the quality field. That company would be Gemmi Construction. Knowing firsthand of your honesty in business ethics, your promises & then timely delivery of promised final product, and the ease at which Gemmi Construction adapts to change while keeping an extremely high quality service & product, I find myself at a loss as to why so many others in your field can not do likewise. John you make it look so easy, when professionally I know it isn’t!

Thank you from the depths of our hearts."

Dawn & Bill Dorn